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At Ideation Hub Africa, our mission is to equip early-stage social entrepreneurs, social innovators and non-profit professionals to start and scale their big ideas for a changing Africa. We believe that the way to advance the continent’s prosperity is to advance its social profit sector!

We believe that the African Masterclass Series is our way in to do this by catalyzing the work of resilient change-makers by equipping them with the knowledge, network and opportunities to boldly execute their mission. We bring together a diverse group of thought-leaders taking on fifteen core modules that speak to the current needs of players in the African social sector to encourage growth and team up for greater impact.

We seek partnerships with financial institutions, corporate organizations, multinationals, media houses, international development agencies, government agencies, nonprofit foundations, legal institutions, public sector etc and individuals, to grow and nurture an effective and sustainable network that creates impact for social entrepreneurs, nonprofit professionals, social innovators and changemakers in Africa.

Why Partner with Us

  • Our partnerships are based on mutual benefits with corporates, institutions, nonprofits, social enterprises and international organizations. We create wins for that respond effectively to social challenges.
  • We are determined to promote collaboration across impact areas to help achieve our mission of advancing Africa’s social sector.
  • We seek partners that share similar interests and are keen on driving social impact and innovation.
  • We will help expand your profile and broaden your perspectives through the many opportunities the Masterclass offers to convene leading experts, changemakers and supporters in the African social sector.
  • Ideation Hub has rich data and insights from changemakers all over Africa. By becoming a partner, this data can be accessed to find innovative opportunities for organizations to deliver unique CSR strategies by building their portfolio of strategic partnerships for delivering social impact.
  • We offer an opportunity for organizations to be seen as leaders that are interested in creating social value.
  • With our access to young intentionally-minded change makers and our network, including local and international organizations, we can help you reach new audiences.

Our Network: Some of our Past Partners and Collaborators of Ideation Hub Africa

Become a Partner

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